Travel Schedule: 19th Sept. – 29th Sep. 2017 Jivamukti Yoga & Kirtan Retreat (10 days/engl.)


Experience 10 days at the wonderful, magical south-coast of Crete. We live above the Libyan sea, in a quiet and peaceful environment. We will practice meditation, asana, kriya, pranayama and of course bhaktiyoga, the yoga of devotion and love. In the morning time we will start with a meditation practice, followed by kriya, asana and pranayama – with a daily changing focus. In the afternoons the endless, wild beaches and the great nature of Crete is inviting us for lazy hangouts and discovery tours. We will end the days with our famous sunset-kirtan from the rooftop terrace.


Excluding the day of arrival and departure, the yoga courses will be held daily from 9:00–13.00 h and Kirtan 18-19.45 h. There will be one day off, so you have time for larger excursions.

Nowadays, there are still a few places on earth that insistently deny to follow the stream of the modern civilisation and remain oases for those who seek for something different. Triopetra is one of those places where time seems to have stopped!

You get to experience the archaic landscape, pure nature, the almost everpresent sun, etesian winds, the chirping of the cicadas and the soft, swooshing sound of the ocean.

This place of refuge is located on the south coast of Crete. The best Season lies between April and October where the highest Temperatures are reached between June and September.

The beach is just a few steps away from the Kretashala “Pavlos’ Place” and the guests can enjoy miles of unspoiled and deserted beaches, with turquoise, crystal-clear water in which you can swim and snorkel.

One is surrounded by Nature in its purest form that invites you to explore the healing powers of it.

The area around Triopetra is free from bars or noisy night life, which means that tranquility and quietness are guaranteed!


Petros Haffenrichter, with greek mother and german father learned early to embrace life as the merge of polarities.
Plenty of life’s challanges we learn to master though the practices of hatha yoga, which petros teaches now for over 15 years in an open-hearted, honest, funny and challenging way.
Petros lives in Munich, Germany and leads three Jivamukti Yoga Studios. He is a regular guest teacher in many yoga-schools around the world and has taught at many international conferences and festivals. His students say, they feel inspired by the joyful and both, authentically deep and light teachings. He was one of the first Jivamukti teachers to be „advanced certified“ directly from his teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life. Born into a family of artists and musicians he is a dedicated life long student and palys a variety of instruments. He performed in countless concerts and festivals and has published several albums, amongst the most recent „Embrace“ in 2009, „Narayana“ in 2012 and „Kali“ in 2013.
He has great gatitude for all teachers he had the honour to study with and is thankful to all circumstances that give us the chance to experience this feeling of unity, of non-separateness. To learn to accept the greatest of all teachers: our life.

Erhard Dengl:
Zwei Dingen hört Erhard Dengl Zeit seines Lebens gerne zu: Musik und Stille in der äußeren und inneren Natur. Die Faszination für Klang und Rhythmus führten ihn vom Hackbrett, dass er seit seinem 9. Lebensjahr bei einer bayerischen Volksmusikantin erlernte, zur Tabla und zur modalen klassischen, indischen Musik: Seit über einem Jahrzehnt ist er Student von Taalyogi Pandit Suresh Talwalkar aus Pune/ Indien. Dort schrieb er auch seine Diplomarbeit in Soziologie, in der er das europäische musikalische Unterrichtssystem mit dem indischen System verglich.
Ein wichtiger Mentor während der Schulzeit war für ihn sein Philosophie-und Deutschlehrer, der ihm auf vielen Skitouren (in der Stille der winterlichen Bergwelt) die Grundbegriffe des philosophischen und buddhistischen Denkens nahebrachte. Während des Zivildiensts begann Erhard mit autogenem Training, das in eine regelmäßige Meditationspraxis überging. Seine ersten ( Marma/ Hatha-) Yogastunden besuchte Erhard Dengl 2001 bei Ruth Hanewald.
Ein glücklicher Zufall beförderte Erhard in die Welt des Bhaktiyoga, da Petros Haffenrichter 2004 einen Tablaspieler suchte. Seither spielt er viel Kirtan, u. a mit Petros, Spring Groove, Dave Stringer, Shyamdas, Saatya&Pari, Brenda McMorrow, Philip Stegmüller und den Kirtaniyas.
Erhard ist all seinen Lehrern, Freunden und Umständen dankbar, die es ihm ermöglichen, immer weiter diesen Weg zu beschreiten, der den Fokus darauf setzt, der kosmischen Schwingung so bewusst wie möglich lauschen zu können.

Spring Groove:
“Spring Groove creates “MUSIC THAT IS MEDICINE FOR THE SOUL.” – Music Connection Magazine
She is an internationally recognized world folk performer. The native New Yorker sings in English, Sanskrit, Hebrew, Tibetan, Spanish & Italian with over 100 concerts a year. Her authentic, eclectic & uplifting musical concerts meld Western Americana folk & Eastern Mantra music. Spring Groove is a former beloved Busker and Broadway performer seen in Grease! Saturday Night Fever & her own Off-Broadway show produced by One Healing Arts Company, SPRING ALIVE. Her 10 critically acclaimed CD’s range from rock, folk, pop, ecstatic & meditative mantra and have been played on both MTV and E!Television. She is also an award winning singer- songwriter honored by Billboard Magazine, & The LA Music Awards. Her acclaimed vocal workshop entitled, SING YOURSELF ALIVE is best described as empowering, fun and incredibly transformative.

singleroom per Person : 1.665,00 €
shared doubleroom per Person: 1.490,00 €
shared tripleroom per Person: 1.400,00 €

includes yoga and kirtan sessions, accommodation, vegetarian fullboard, shared rental car.

Early Bird Discount: Save EUR 100 and book till March 31st!


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